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Since 1990, BabyOno has been supporting parents in the process of childrearing by providing them with products that are necessary for children's growth and development.

Focusing on active parents who appreciate their comfort and time-saving solutions, we design our products so as to make them reliable, easy to use and ergonomic.  As we involve parents in the process of product development, the result of our work is a product that perfectly meets their needs.

Our priority is creating items that are safe to use and designed in compliance with the binding European Union directives and standards. Toys are subject to detailed testing before they eventually find their way to children's hands. 

Strict supervision of each stage of the production process ensures the quality of our products, which is the reason why we are trusted by millions of parents all over the world.

Our care for children is also widely acknowledged and expressed in the form of numerous prizes and awards.  Our products have gained parents' appreciation in contests organised by various parenting magazines, for instance  "Mam Dziecko", "Dziecko", "Rodzice".

Every single day we do our best to make sure that being a parent gives you joy and happiness.